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RIHIS Safe Care Webinars

Riphah International University through Riphah Institute of Healthcare Improvement and Safety (RIHIS) is dedicatedly providing a credible platform for healthcare professionals in Pakistan to enhance their knowledge and skills in Healthcare Quality and Patient safety to become Quality and Patient Safety change agents.

In continuation of the series of capacity building activities Riphah Institute of Healthcare Improvement and Safety (RIHIS).

 We are excited to announce RIHIS Safe Care Webinar series that are designed to educate on Patient Safety and Healthcare Quality basics, how-to’s, and best practices. RIHIS has used webinars as a valuable tool to share information, build common understandings, raise awareness of issues and facilitate interactions health professionals and other stakeholders across borders.

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RIHIS Safe Care Webinars Archive


1.Safe Care Webinar Series – Patient Engagement

Date: April 24,  2019 (Webinar in English)

Speaker: Helen Haskell, MA Co-Chair Patient for Patient Safety Advisory Group (WHO)

Presentation: Download

2. RIHIS Safe Care Webinar – Antimicrobial Resistance in Pakistan: Time to react


Date: March 14,  2019 (Webinar in English)

Speaker: Dr. Zikria Saleem, Pharm.D, M.Phil, R.Ph Ph.D Scholar (USM, Malaysia)
Presentation: Download
3. RIHIS Safe Care Webinar – Journey of Patient Safety in Pakistan


Date: March 12,  2019 (Webinar in English)

Speaker: Dr. Zakiuddin Ahmed, Project Director ([email protected] Saud University, KSA), Project Director (RIHIS)
Presentation: Download


4. RIHIS Safe Care Webinar – Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety Challenges in Pakistan


Date: January 12,  2019 (Webinar in English)

Speaker: Dr. Bashir Hanif MD, FACC, FSCAI
Presentation: Download
5. RIHIS Safe Care Webinar – Systems Approach To Develop A Safety Culture


Date: December 12,  2018 (Webinar in English)

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Seval Akgun MD, PhD (Chief Quality Officer, Baskent University Hospitals Network)
Presentation: Download
6. RIHIS Safe Care Webinar – Patient Safety in Neonatal Care

Date: January 20,  2018 (Webinar in English)

Speakers: 1) Dr. Ole Tjomsland MD(Norway)

2) Hege Langli Ersdal, MD, PhD(Norway)


7. RIHIS Safe Care Webinar – Human Factors and Patient Safety in Hospital Settings  


Date:  January 15, 2018 (Webinar in English)

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Paul Barach (Clinical Professor, Wayne State University, USA)
Presentation: Download

COVID 19 Webinar by Prof. Dr. Paul Barach
Date: 16th April 2020
Time: 05:00 pm PST
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