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Quality and Performance Improvement


Quality and Performance Improvement

  • A formal Quality Performance Improvement (QPI) program and infrastructure are required to ensure quality and safety
  • The tenets of quality and safety must be developed through strategic planning
  • In this course, the sessions of strategic planning will be followed by the establishment of priorities for quality and performance improvement activities, translating strategic goals into quality outcomes and aligning culture and structure to support QPI
  • The concepts of QPI teams will be introduced as the heart of the quality performance improvement plan
Course Contents
  • Establishing Priorities for Quality and Performance Improvement Activities
  • Translating Strategic Goals into Quality Outcomes
  • Aligning Culture to Support Quality
  • Aligning Structure to Support Quality
  • Re-engineering or system redesign
  • Aligning and development of QPI Action Plans and Projects
  • Defining and Selecting Process and Outcome Measures and Scorecards
  • Decision Support, Risk Adjustment, Data Interpretation, and Benchmarking
  • Evaluating and Selecting Evidence-Based Practice Guidelines and Critical Pathways
  • Formulation of Quality Improvement Teams and evaluating team performance
  • Formulation, Prioritization, Development, Coordination, Training, and Evaluation of QPI Projects
  • Organizational Reviews, Assessment, and Audits
  • Enterprise Risk Management Strategies and Tools

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Plan and determine QPI strategic priorities and themes and their integration with the organization’s mission, vision, and goals
  • Formulation, Prioritization, Development, Coordination, Training, and Evaluation of QPI Projects
  • Plan, select, develop and implement the evidence-based practice guidelines and clinical pathways
  • Define and selection process and outcome measures and scorecards for performance evaluation of department /unit and organization
  • Lead survey preparation, reviews, and audits
Focus Group

This certificate course designed in considering the needs of healthcare settings of Pakistan and the following group will get the maximum benefits:

  • Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Medical Directors, Medical Superintendents/ Administrators, Physicians, Nurses, Pharmacists, Quality Assurance Managers /Executives/Officers, House Officers and Medical Students
Duration of Course
Two days
Course Fee

Individual: PKR 6,000

Group (5 or more persons from one organization): PKR 5,000

Students (subject to production of valid evidence from an institution): PKR 5,000

Riphah affiliated Institutions: PKR 4,000