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“To Provide Quality & Safe Healthcare to patients. “


“To Create a Reliable Healthcare Ecosystem in the Region that Enables Harm Free Care with Zero Medical Errors.”


The Riphah Institute of Health Improvement and Safety  focuses mainly on the following areas:

Education and Training

Training and capacity building of leaders in quality improvement and patient safety to develop a critical mass of Quality and Patient Safety change agents by conducting courses, training programs, and postgraduate programs in collaboration with international universities

Public Policy and Advocacy

Leadership in initiating the national movement to improve quality and safety in healthcare and steer the development of national policy and quality and safety standards.

Our efforts are focused to facilitate the formation of Healthcare & Safety Association of Pakistan (HQSAP)

Partnerships and Collaborations

To create synergy among the existing stakeholders by engaging nationally and internationally renowned experts and organizations in a collaborative effort


Develop and improve upon existing quality and safety standards of all Riphah International University affiliated and other national and regional hospitals by:

  • Eliminating medical errors and complications of care
  • Enhancing clinical and patient-reported outcomes for all patients
  • Delivering patient- and family-centered care and ensuring clinical excellence
  • Creating a culture that values collaboration, accountability, and organizational learning

Provide consultancy to local and regional hospitals for Healthcare Quality Improvement by our local and International experts. The Institute provides accreditation guidance to ensure compliance with the highest level of quality care and patient safety standards as set by Joint Commission International, ISO, and other international accreditation bodies


Through research, we intend to create real change and sustained improvement in healthcare quality and patient safety in Pakistan.

Our objective is to understand, through evidence-based research, the crucial determinants in healthcare improvement & patient safety and assemble data to discover how we can focus our efforts and identify interventions to improve the quality of care. By utilizing the research-based information we aim to improve outcomes in order to make healthcare safer, accessible, affordable and equitable.